WeatherMaster Window System Offers Style, Safety, and Flexible Designs

WeatherMaster windows

WeatherMaster windows were added to a second-story deck off the master bedroom. The panels at the left are slid all the way down, the ones to the right are fully up, and the panels in the middle are adjusted both up and down.

You can turn your patio or deck into a multi-season sun room by enclosing it with strong vinyl panels that slide up to block wind and rain, or down for a pleasant open-air feeling.  As the panels go down, they virtually disappear, providing clear views of your backyard landscaping and up to 75% ventilation for those pleasant evening gatherings.  Also, the panels easily lift out for total ventilation on those beautiful Pacific Northwest summer days.

Because WeatherMaster windows are custom-made, they work with virtually all existing patio covers, or can be an integral part of a new patio or deck design project.

Tinted WeatherMaster Windows

This is the outside view of the enclosed deck above. Note how the tinted window panels have been adjusted to let air enter and/or block sun.

The transparent vinyl window panels, which are stronger than glass, come in clear and three tints:  smoke gray, bronze and dark gray.  You can have all panels match or select a combination of tints to address the specific sun and shade requirements of your outdoor living space.  The tinted panels are designed to protect you and your furniture from harsh afternoon sun.

The aluminum frames come in a variety of stylish designer colors to complement your home’s exterior:

aluminum frame colors

Strong aluminum frames come in 7 designer colors.

If you live near water, you can also add screens to keep pesky mosquitoes from joining your outdoor parties.

Using the WeatherMaster Window System will extend the usefulness of your patio or deck throughout the year, and may just create your new favorite room!


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