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Control the Sun with Patio Covers

May 11, 2010

Too much sun isn’t something the Pacific Northwest is known for.  Surprisingly, however, living at a northern latitude creates challenges when protecting patios and decks from direct, harsh summer sun.

Most people think the sun is directly overhead at noon so it should be the hottest time of the day.  Not so for us.  Because of our latitude, the sun we get is actually angled.  One effect of the sun coming in at a lower angle is that we experience higher temperatures  later in the day—4 to 6 p.m. PDT in spring spring, summer and fall—just the time you want to relax on your patio or deck, have dinner, or entertain friends.

Fortunately, there are creative shade structures that will let you control the sun, including tinted roofs and window panels, pergolas, shade sails, and screens to filter direct sun.  Here are a few examples.

Kim Katwijk, owner of Deck Builders, Inc. and an Alfresca Outdoor Living project manager

Shade Sail

With this shade sail deck cover, homeowners can adjust the amount of sun or shade at different times of the day.

Pergola, Shade Sail Patio Cover

Here fabric is woven through the top of the pergola, providing filtered light while retaining the classic pergola style.

Privacy Screen Filters Sunlight

In addition to providing privacy, screens can filter sunlight and create comfortable conversation or contemplation areas.

Tinted Patio Cover Roof

Adding tint to patio cover roofs will provide additional protection when the harsh sun is directly overhead.