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Pergolas and Panache

March 19, 2010

Panache \pə-ˈnash, -ˈnäsh\ is defined as “distinctive and stylish elegance.”  It also describes a pergola and the owner who has one in her yard.

Traditional pergolas, which consist of columns that support some kind of openwork roof, are very versatile.  They can be attached to a house or stand alone in a garden or over a pathway.  They can define an outdoor living space or provide an accent. They can evoke classic, Old World charm or be modified to show creativity and individuality.

Pergolas can be made from wood, vinyl or fiberglass to match the design of your home or make a statement about your personal fashion and flair.  A selection of column color and finish options can further customize your unique pergola.

Check out the following photos that show pergolas as outdoor rooms, deck and patio covers, and garden accents.

Attached to the house, this pergola defines the patio, providing filtered shade for outdoor entertaining or peaceful enjoyment. Columns mounted on stone bases add a modern touch.

This free-standing pergola over a backyard deck is a charming place from which to watch sunsets or gaze at stars on warm Northwest evenings.

This traditionally designed pergola was built directly over the lawn, creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor living room, which the homeowner decorated with carpet and crystal chandelier.

This pergola caps a beautifully designed outdoor kitchen. Here again the shortened columns modernize the otherwise classic pergola form, creating a stunning addition to the backyard.

Here pergola elements have been added to the top of a privacy screen. The addition not only provides visual interest to the screen and deck, but is also functional as a place from which to hang lovely flowering baskets.

This homeowner used the pergola form to create a classic sculpture for her yard. The vertical presence adds interest to the garden as well as frames the magnificent view of the city below.

As you can see, adding a pergola to your yard will definitely demonstrate that you have panache!


Enjoy the Rain in Comfort!

March 11, 2010

Enjoy spring rains and flowering white tulips from the comfort of your WeatherMaster window-enclosed deck.

Now is the perfect time to be enjoying cheery daffodils, colorful primroses and newly leafing green  trees in the backyard from the comfort of your patio or deck.

Today? you ask. But it’s rainy, windy and 45 degrees outside. How can I enjoy my garden from the patio?

Check out one of Alfresca’s premier patio covers—WeatherMaster windows. Turn your outdoor living space into an all-season room with versatile windows that slide up and down depending on the weather. You’d be surprised how pleasant it is to watch the rain dance on the petals of yellow daffodils and white tulips as you sip a warm beverage from your patio in March!

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